Women’s Online Fashion Trends for 2020

Effortless fashion can be a real thing. Yes, that’s right, there is no need to try on outfit after outfit, to decide on the same unflattering dress. There is one straightforward answer which many of you overlook every day. Whether you prefer to try it on in-store, or you’re a keen shopper of women’s clothing online, this solution applies to all. 


Staples. Just a few simple wardrobe staples and you can have the wardrobe of full potential at your fingertips. There’s never been a better time to have a good old wardrobe clean out than now. With minimal fashion increasing in popularity, 2020 is sure about one thing: less is more. Whether you’re loving the current sweatpants, oversized coat and sneakers vibe. Or you’re after a bit of office chic; searching for the perfect classy blouse and oversized chunky knit. Staples people. So let’s delve into a few of our recommended wardrobe staples, simply mix and match the items to achieve a look for every occasion, without breaking the bank.


Let’s kick things off with one of our personal favourites here at TWIIN.CO: the trouser. Long gone are the days of jeggings. Now in 2020, they’ve been replaced with items of comfort, sophistication, detailed tailoring and beautifully crafted to fit all manors of shapes and sizes. Trousers can be paired with a simple tucked-in tee, your favourite pair of sneakers and a trench coat. Smart enough for a casual day at the office, yet comfy enough for a late brunch with the ladies. Replace the sneakers for a pair of heeled boots and the tee for a silk blouse, and you have yourself a professional office get up, ready for the next board meeting. 


Puffer, teddy, wool, whatever your favourite style, coats are a current fashion must. Not only do they provide essential warmth, but coats also layer a look and elevate your style. Paired with a scarf, booties, high waisted jeans and a roll neck jumper, you’ve got yourself an outfit for pretty much any occasion (okay, maybe not a wedding) but ideal for the office, daytime shopping, evening drinks or even just a quick catch up with an old friend. Put together, classy and extremely versatile. Just what the 2020 wardrobe is about. 


So we’ve covered coats, jeans, trousers, blouses but here is one very important essential which seems to be set to increase in popularity through to 2021: jewellery. In particular, earrings. TWIIN.CO will be stocking our very own line of jewellery soon; something we are very excited about. Chunky, minimal gold hoops and stacking earrings have popped up everywhere in women’s fashion online, and we are entirely onboard. Earrings can pull an entire outfit together, taking it from chilled and thrown together, to carefully chosen. 


Now before you go and toss out every piece of fabric in your wardrobe, make sure to keep the bare necessities. A simple tee, blazer even a perfectly good day dress are often items which are overlooked. These few staples can really expand your wardrobe, so make sure to take care and do the wardrobe wipe out (preferably) sober and not post-breakup. Don’t forget to take your garments to your nearest charity store or clothing recycling bin. 


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Love from us at TWIIN.CO